Cannot install an OS on machine

lance New Member Posts: 1

Unlike regular machine, the Bios needs to key "del". My UP2 pops up Bios when you turn on it always, that makes no installation can do. I downloaded an Ubuntu on a bootable usb. You can see the installation is starting, but it will be stopped once the password dilog of BiOS jump out.
Don't know how to make the Bios not show up automatically.


  • T1000
    T1000 New Member Posts: 5

    As you wrote UP2 I take it you have an UP squared. Firstly as these are the UP Board forums you may find better assistance in the UP2 (Squared) forums.
    However, to get you started:
    1. Have you downloaded and installed the latest BIOS for UP2 (squared)? Make sure you get the correct version to. UP Board's have 2 versions, one for 1GB memory and another for higher memory but I don't know about UP2. You have to check that out for yourself in the "Downloads" page.
    2. The wiki help pages, provide various help for UP2. When installing BIOS, make sure you install from the correct device. See my reply to but again these are for UP Board so make sure you follow help for UP2.
    3. For UP Board, Esc and Del gets you into BIOS. F7 allows you to choose which device to boot from. Initially, BIOS does not have a password set so just press enter when asked for password. Again this is for UP Board. UP2 may be different, I don't know.

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