HDMI and Rapid shutdown

Twilimark New Member Posts: 2

I currently use Windows 10 LTSB 2015 and I am running into issues with this pc and the HDMI "No signal" on the display.

I was looking at the CBR Chipset> North bridge> IGD- LCD control> and changing the Boot type to “HDMI Port B” instead of “auto” to force the screen to use HDMI but I am still run into a problem where on boot up it does not establish an HDMI connection to the monitor. This is an intermittent issue and can be resolved by power cycling the unit.

Which brings us to issue number two. When the upboard is power cycled twice in a row the Up board will power on but after 2 minutes the board will power off completely. On the third reboot, I will sometimes see the OS boot up and on other times we will see the “no signal” on the Display but I can remote into it. I have reason to believe that the HDMI is not outputting a signal every so often.

Power is 5.0V 4 amps
Only BIOS setting changed was to prevent Connected Standby
Under CRB Advance
ACPI Setting and "Disable" ACPI Auto Config
Changed Enable Hibernate to "Disabled"
Changed ACPI Sleep State to "Suspend Disabled"

Anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on?