I have a problem with the BIOS.

이돈우 New Member Posts: 2

I am using the up board.

We installed it on usb and installed it on the up board.

After installing bios and setting
Shell screen should come out, but go to bios setting screen again. This is repeated.

What is the problem ?? Help me

Is there a way to initialize the BIOS?


  • 이돈우
    이돈우 New Member Posts: 2

    The conclusion is that shell screen does not come out.

  • T1000
    T1000 New Member Posts: 5

    Don't know exactly what you're trying to do but Esc and Del will bring up BIOS password. If you have not set a password, just press enter and you will get into Bios
    If you're trying to install an OS, insert the USB containing the OS for installation. Power up the system and press F7, the same BIOS password box will come up and press enter. A list of boot devices will come up. Select the boot device containing the OS.