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Instability - Power limitation?

pialpial New Member Posts: 3


I'm using a passive UP board with a Realsense D435 (on the usb3 port), an external HDD (seagate backup plus 2TB - on a usb2 port), and a microphone array (ReSpeaker 7 Mic Array - on a usb 2 port).
The system is based on Ubuntu and records the 3D stream of camera and the audio of the microphone.
A previous setup built using an UP board with a fan, a Realsense ZR300 and a Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB with the same microphone has been used extensively without any problem.

My problem is that the new system is unstable: hanging/freezing, "Frame didn't arrived within 5000" error after a few minutes recording the camera, ethernet connection switching on/off.
I don't know what is going wrong, and I would need ideas:

  • Could it be a power draw problem, and how could I diagnose this?
  • Is the D435 more power hungry than the ZR300?
  • Since the switch from librealsense to librealsense2, the CPU load is very high during recording. Could this be linked to this?
  • Could the board itself be faulty? Could the problem with the ethernet port be indicative of power supply issues too? The syslog also contains many "Audio Port: ASoc: no backend DAIs enabled for Audio Port" messages (cf.
  • Could there be a temperature problem (core temps are at ~52°C during recording)

Many thanks for any help.



  • Jesse KaukonenJesse Kaukonen New Member Posts: 42 ✭✭
    edited June 2018

    We had to move to a 5V / 6A PSU as we had crashes with 5V / 4A with USB + GPU use. USB devices have a set amount of power they can draw. I never measured the DS4X5 series current draw, but they can be several hundred milliamperes. We use these PSUs:

    The RealSense bug is "fixed" by compiling the library without OpenMP, but this causes RGB and depth images to be out of sync (quite a lot on the Upboard).

    I asked AAEON about the temperature sensor accuracy (of the CPU) and their reply was that the "lm sensors" output is not reliable.

  • pialpial New Member Posts: 3

    Thank you for the answers and precisions. I'll get a better PSU.

    So far, the high CPU usage is not a huge problem but I need the stream to be properly synced. The rest of the software running on it is well optimised (ffmpeg and own). I certainly hope it will be fixed though.

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