This is the area to clarify hardware specification if there's anything unclear from the datasheet. If the specification is software related, please ask in the related software section.

10 pin header cable part number request


The Up Squared documentation has misreably few details about important things like the only direct accessible (to Apollo Lake) UART interface.

It seems that there is a '10 pin header' exposing the SoC UART interface, termed 'UART port 0' and combined with some USB2.0 interfaces.


If the hardware is indeed Opensource, please make the schematic and layout available to Opensource hardware engineers like me, working in Kicad or another FOSS CAD application.

The schematic should include a specification for the part number associated with the '10 pin header' which is obviously a poor description. A layout with 3D model for footprints would help as well. Are the contacts on this white coloured connector 3mm long and the pin pitch 1,27mm or something else?


Please publish a bill of materials like all other Opensource projects do. I've (1) looked through the specifications [1], (2) searched (with no results) for header, (3) searched (with no results) for bill of materials, and just to be sure I searched (4) GitHub for any instance of up-board and up-squared repositories.

The bill of materials should contain the information leading to users being able to locate and purchase a cable that correctly plugs into the '10 pin header' connector. If there is a well known cable for this purpose, please indicate in this thread what the manufacturer, model, and part number is.

We're spending untold amounts of time trying to solve ridiculous problems, which doesn't reflect well on the quality of Up boards.