This is the area to clarify hardware specification if there's anything unclear from the datasheet. If the specification is software related, please ask in the related software section.

M2 E.Key specifications

DV01D New Member Posts: 13

Been trying to size up a decent M2 wifi card for use in our UP2 board. I think the Intel 3165 offered is fine an dandy for basic wireless, but want to test some options for better bandwidth, and dual mimo, 2x2 or 3x3 performance, among other things.

I can deduce from the pinouts that this support PCIe, USB, UART, and what looks like i2c communication over the M2 E key connection. What I see missing is SDIO. Am I correct in thinking an SDIO M2 card/chip will not work? What about i2c? Or is that some other protocol intended for the SMBus lines. Anything else I'm missing in the capabilities of this port?




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