Setting the PWM frequency using the SDK

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In the SDK there appears to be only two commands in relation to the PWM, Set and get.

The "EApiPwmSetValue" uses 4 input values. But none of these values change the frequency of the PWM.

At present the minimum frequency at 17Mhz when the command is initialised with the following:
with the first variable being the PWM ID number,
Second is the Base Unit Integer
the third is the Base Unit fraction - which cannot be set to anything but 0 for some reason
the forth is the duty.

So the question is. How do you set the Upboard PWM frequency to its minimum of 293Hz?



  • rogertsai(AAEON)
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    Hi rhulme77,
    The minimum speed of PWM is 75kHz, so you can't set the PWM freq. to 293Hz. And the speed of signal frequency is changed from 75kHz ~ 10 MHz ~ 75kHz, is equal to 0x01 ~ 0xFF from Base Unit.
    e.g. if set the Base Unit to 0x7F, the output frequency will be 10MHz, as shown in the picture below
    <-- by logic analyzer

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    so why does the wiki state the following?

    2 PWM ports, supporting frequencies between 293 Hz and 75 kHz with 8-bit duty-cycle resolution, are provided on the I/O header.

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    Please note, the PWM frequency of 293Hz should work on Linux for UP, but not for Windwos SDK