Installing Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB won't boot

mdoke New Member Posts: 3

Got new UP2 board. 4G/32GB
Updated to Bios 3.3
Set Boot OS to Windows in Bios
Booted from USB to Windows Setup
Removed partition already created and allowed windows to create partitions.
Installed Windows with out any issues.

Upon rebooting after install, The UP2 will boot, i get a windows logo, spinning dots then it reboots. This repeats over and over.

Any won't have this issue?

Thanks in advance:)



  • mdoke
    mdoke New Member Posts: 3

    Issue turned out to be the 3165NGW card part of the Kit "M.2 2230 WiFi kit for UP Squared ABS Chassis"
    When i removed the card everything worked. Put in a 8265NGW module i had lying around and everything boots. Maybe was a bad card.