Problem with installation.

Magne Ertresvåg
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During installation of ubilinux OS, the installation stops with the message, "Detect Network Hardware" failed.
I can retry, and I have done that. I have tried installation with and without a network cable into the RJ-45 jack on the up board. This cable is connected directly to a switch., and I know that the cable and the port in the switch is OK
Can anybody help me?
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  • Javier Arteaga
    Javier Arteaga Emutex Posts: 163 mod
    Hi mertresvag,

    Before diagnosing the issue, would you mind retrying the installation on the latest ubilinux release? We will be dropping support for the older release candidates.

  • Robert Shelton
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    Update: the problem seems to be incompatibility of the LG with the bios. I dug out a 5" hdmi flat panel. It works - machine boots and I am at the shell. A post about bios compatibility in another thread clued me to this possibility. Ironic, as the LG works in most situations, and it's usually this little flat panel that has compatibility issues.

    I seem to be having the same problem. The blue light comes on. I followed the sequence of hdmi first, power second. The Ubi is current release as of this morning (the July release version). I installed the iso using dd if=./ubilinux-3.0.iso of=/dev/discXX from a terminal window on my Mac. The SanDisk thumb drive was formatted using Mac diskutility - options selected were FAT and master boot record. The dd gave a success message. The Up is plugged directly to the HDMI cable on my LG flat panel. Power supply is one that came with the Kcikstarter reward. I don't see any activity on the monitor - no flickers, no Up logo. Could you please assist?