Android image button size.

Michael Miller
Michael Miller New Member Posts: 95

Hello, this is a fairly technical question. I am working on a project to use UP Squared to replace my cars outdated factory nav system with an android auto screen. My plan is to use my UP Squared as the SBC, but the current android image has very small navigation buttons that are nearly impossible to touch when my screen is in it's bezel. I have tried with very little success to decompile/edit/recompile the framework-res.apk . I can decompile and edit it, but when i try to recompile it (using apktool) i get an error. Is there anything special I have to do to do this, or am I out of luck? I may look into trying to replace the soft-buttons with GPIO hard buttons (my nav has a button strip) if that is possible, but I would like the option of the soft buttons.

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