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Cannot Assemble Up Core 2GB RAM/32 GB eMMC light Pack

biconix New Member Posts: 4

I don’t think I received what I pledged to. Pict0 shows what my pledge was

This is the up core card I received which I assembled the connector as shown in Pict1-Pict3

Notice it already has a heat sink attached. It does not fit in the cover I received

Also, how do I attach the Wi-Fi antenna? does it require a special driver?

I apologize if I am asking stupid questions. I am a software developer with no experience (so far) assembling computers like this


  • nukular
    nukular New Member Posts: 61 ✭✭✭

    I think you have to remove the heatsink first:

    And you just connect the antenna to the ANT connector (on the very right in your first photo) via the SMA to U.FL adapter cable that comes with it.

  • biconix
    biconix New Member Posts: 4

    thank you for your response. I was able to remove the heatsink, i was able to install the Wi-Fi antenna, I was able to assemble the case, i was able to boot up to windows but now I have two questions
    1, how do I attach the expansion card (ethernet, USB port and SD card? obviously it does not fit in the case. are they mutually exclusive?
    2. the Broadcom 801.22n Wireless SDIO Adapter cannot start (code 10) Operation Failed. I uninstalled the driver and tried to update the driver, but I cannot get the Wi-Fi to work . Any suggestions?

    thanks for you help

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