UP^2 MRAA Interrupts

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I've achieved connectivity between my FPGA board and the N4200 version of the UP^2. SPI and UART are working at maximum data rates using the MRAA interface, What I've not been able to do is interrupt on one pin and set an acknowledge strobe on another using C. The pins work using Sysfs manually but the pin reference assignments in MRAA aren't working. Available documentation from the UP^2 team and the MRAA folks is conflicting. Has anyone been successful creating applications in C using GPIO on the 40-pin header with interrupts?


  • u88
    u88 New Member Posts: 6

    Using the connector pin numbers works for GPIO and interrupts. Previously, I was getting initialization error messages from MRAA using the same number assignments that are currently working. No clue as to what was going on previously.

  • ccalde
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    Hi @u88 ,

    Yes, to use the mraa-gpio you need to now the pin number in the 40-pin connector :)
    Something like that:

    Check current value:
    sudo mraa-gpio get 29

    Set new value:
    sudo mraa-gpio set 29

    Check the new value:
    sudo mraa-gpio get 29