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Specifications of thermal pads used on heatsink

Harm New Member Posts: 2

Does anybody know where I can buy or find specifications of the thermal pads used on the passive heatsink?


  • ccalde
    ccalde New Member Posts: 348 ✭✭✭

    Hi @Harm ,

    The only info about the heatsink that I found is in the specifications: manual 3rd Ed.pdf


  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller New Member Posts: 95

    So you are saying you can't find out anything about the stock thermal pad? even the thickness? would be nice if you guys offered a replacement.

  • 9600
    9600 New Member Posts: 8

    Did anyone get any further with finding out the spec for the thermal pads used? There are lots of different thickness, hardnesses and thermal performance — hence it would be great if we could have confirmation. Particularly considering that as soon as you remove the heatsink the pad at least on the Atom variant is pretty much destroyed.

  • PeterJ
    PeterJ New Member Posts: 1

    I tried emailing Aaeon a month ago and got no response. I might ask Mouser to try contacting them since I have bought a lot of Up Squared boards through them.

    As near as I can tell from the drawings and measurements, there is 0.5mm gap between the CPU and the heat sink, and a 1mm spacing for the other thermal pad area.

    I am currently trying these pads:

    t-Global Technology TG-A1780-10-10-0.5 Digikey 1168-TG-A1780-10-10-0.5-ND 0.5mm
    t-Global Technology TG-A1780-10-10-1.0 Digikey 1168-TG-A1780-10-10-1.0-ND 1.0mm

    It would be great to hear from the manufacturer as to what pads to use.

    Does anyone else have any further info?