GrovePi+ and Up^2 with Python?

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the Arduino libraries are currently having issues. Therefore I'm looking to use the sensors with Python. Are there any samples on how to get the sensors working with Python? In the long run, Arduino Create is not sufficient for production. Some of the samples I've found are not working with this setup. Also some additional description on the GrovePi+ board in the Up^2 forum would be really helpful.

Regards, O.

BTW: I was not able to post this in the proper forum, Category issues in the webform


  • joem
    joem New Member Posts: 4

    Hey Orchestrator - I have the same question. I am able to work the simple GrovePi+ with the Grove LED board using python and mraa. But as for reading sensors I can't find anything.

    For now any sample code I get working I am putting here:

    There is a Wiki, but it is just the RPi documentation, so it does not work on this board.


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