New Windows BIOS for Up Board

RoySalisburyRoySalisbury Posts: 5New Member

I see a new bios was posted today for the Up Board. Will this resolve the BSOD when upgrading to Windows 10 v1803?



  • RoySalisburyRoySalisbury Posts: 5New Member

    Well, I'll place my notes here on the upgrade.

    UP Board, 4GB

    Before upgrade - Installed a CLEAN Windows 10 pro (1709)
    After BIOS update - BSOD with a BAD_POOL_HEADER

    Am now doing a clean install of Windows 10 pro (1803) and will see if this BIOS resolved the other BSOD in that version.

  • RoySalisburyRoySalisbury Posts: 5New Member

    No luck with 1803 ... Going to try a clean install of 1709 again...

  • RoySalisburyRoySalisbury Posts: 5New Member

    Got the 1709 installed back on. Even with the Windows 10 x64 drivers on this site, there are still 3 unknown devices in device manager.

    The firmware and driver support for this line of products really sucks. Not sure if I will ever get another one.

  • RoySalisburyRoySalisbury Posts: 5New Member
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  • jysdjysd Posts: 4New Member
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    We've had similar issues with the UP boards including eMMC corruption, unfortunately we had to ditch them completely.

  • Paavo LeinonenPaavo Leinonen Posts: 13New Member

    My up board is also a victim on 1803 problem.

    Windows updated itself to 1803. WDF_VIOLATION in boot before login screen, and nothing helps.

    Tried (complete) reset, and even made a total fresh install to empty disk, and every time the same problem.

    Have only USB mouse and USB keyboard connected, plus ethernet cable and HDMI monitor.

    Very frustrated, ended up replacing up board with something else.


  • Paavo LeinonenPaavo Leinonen Posts: 13New Member

    I have latest UPC1DM11 bios with default settings.

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