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By my mistake, I have written BIOS "UCR1BM12" to UP CORE 4G memory Ver.
(This BIOS is for UP CORE 1G memory Ver.)

Although BIOS and Linux(Ubuntu) can be started, I would like to write the right BIOS.
Because, PCIe is not operating in my UP CORE.
(PCIe reference clock is not outputted.)
I think that this cause may be BIOS.

I tried to write BIOS "UCR1BM10" using software "afuefix64.efi".
Then, I saw the following error messages;
d4 - Error: The system DMI data size is greater than ROM file's DMI data length.

I'm surmising that this problem is solvable by the method of overwriting completely.
Please teach me a solvable method.
If possible, I desire a method of not using SPI programmer.
(SPI programmer;

Thank you.


  • Shun
    Shun New Member Posts: 7


    This problem was solved.

    By default,
    afuefix64.efi UCR1BM10 /B /P /N /R /REBOOT
    When deleting /R, the error did not occur.

    Thank you.

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