High signal on GPIO

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I am using the UP Squared board with Windows 10 IoT and working on a C + + project that uses the input signal of a sensor, but it always stays high. Here's the sample code that displays the status of the pin, but shows only a high level. I am stuck at this for a few days and any help will be appreciated!



if (pin != nullptr)
    timer_ = ref new DispatcherTimer();
    TimeSpan interval;
    interval.Duration = 1000 * 1000 * 10;
    timer_->Interval = interval;
    timer_->Tick += ref new EventHandler<Object ^>(this, &MainPage::GetPinValue);


void CaptureImage::MainPage::InitPin()
auto gpio = GpioController::GetDefault();

// Set up our GPIO pin for setting values.
pin = gpio->OpenPin(LED_PIN);

// Configure pin for input.


void CaptureImage::MainPage::GetPinValue(Object ^sender, Platform::Object ^args)
pinValue = pin->Read();

SensorValue->Text = pinValue.ToString();    


Best regards!

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