Interface Raspberry Pi with 0-10v ADC

Alex21 New Member Posts: 1

Hey I have temperature sensor which gives digital output range between 0-10V but raspberry pi operates on 5v, What is the best way communicate 0-10v digital values of sensor with raspberry pi in such a way that it will not effect raspberry pi ?

Your Intel will be very helpful.


  • nukular
    nukular New Member Posts: 61 ✭✭✭

    Not sure why you ask a Raspberry Pi question on the Up forum, but regardless:
    Both the pi and the up board operate on a 3.3V logic level. So to convert your 10V to 3.3V just use a voltage divider with a 100k and a 50k resistor.

    Also, are you sure it is a digital sensor with a logic level of 10V? Sounds unusual to me, analog would make more sense. In that case you also need an ADC (analog to digital converter).

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