Windows 10 PRO x64 freezes around 2min on EVERY startup

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My board is an Up2 squared N4200 with 8gb of ram and 64gb of eMMC.

After this freeze appears this error in Explorer.exe: "The remote procedure call failed and did not execute."

This occurs ever. After install Windows without internet or installing drivers, when you make a reboot error appears. On every Windows startup.

In addition, after run manually Explorer.exe, my Intel 8265 M.2 wifi dissapears from device manager (at the first boot of installed Windows, it detects the card).

sfc /scannow, chkdsk, or dism did not work. This is not a corrupt installation of Windows (it occurs too using other Windows 10 iso). It seems to be a bios internal bug. Can anyone help me?
Many thanks!


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    It happens too without any card installed (msata, m.2) or usb devices.

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    Any help please?

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    I'm waiting yet. AAEON, where are you?

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    No help yet...

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    Well guys, there is no support in this forum.

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    I will never buy another board and I Will post in other forums to prevent people buying this off-support boards. Thanks AAEON.

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    Have you ever tried to install another Windows 10 image from microsoft ? and what kind of windows version do you have ? windows 10 1603, 1703 or 1709
    Anyway, you can refer to the link below to try to fix it
    How to Fix “The remote procedure call failed and did not execute” Error on Windows?

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    I've tried every version of Windows 10 (anniversary update, creators update, fall creators update, april update). It happens in win8.1 too. I Will see your link for a solution. Many thanks.

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