Carrier board reference guides

Kevin New Member Posts: 8

Good afternoon UP community!

I've been using the up^2 for a project I'm working on, but am really hoping to transition to the up core. In order to do this, I need to create a custom carrier board. I was hoping to use the reference designs, but in seeing they're being reworked, I'm wondering how long before we get access to the updated schematics and if there is a brief outline of the changes that are taking place?



  • Kevin
    Kevin New Member Posts: 8

    The silence on this has unfortunately forced me to pursue other avenues for our hardware integration. I am rather disappointed with the lack of input from the team seeing as you're trying to foster a system intended for continued development. I look forward to seeing what is accomplished by you all here, but hope that in the future there is more of an effort to engage with the community.

  • Eric
    Eric New Member Posts: 16

    we did the exact same thing.... waited and waited for support... migrated to Nvidia TX platform. got a small carrier board and were up and running super quickly. haven't looked back. #Sad. I really wanted to use the Up Squared. the new Udoo Bolt looks like a good candidate for for project with similar specs.

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