Something to watch out for if Win drivers not installing properly!

mrjonandrews New Member Posts: 7

I was having trouble installing the Chipset drivers for my UP Core - the intel driver installation was throwing some weird [String error] at the first hurdle and exiting. Checking the logs, I found nothing helpful.

But with lot's of people on here having no issues, I was left scratching my head wondering what the hell I was doing wrong! Was it my version of windows etc, etc?

Turns out it was a very simple issue...

Because my Up Core obviously had no wifi or internet connection, I was downloading the windows drivers onto my laptop and transferring them via a usb stick. Perfectly reasonable right?

Only, it seems that my laptop MacBook was corrupting the files somehow because when I downloaded the same files using another PC and transferred them to the usb stick, they installed fine on my UP Core!

Crazy huh. But I suspect there's more than a fair chance that somebody else is having this same problem (there are lots of mac users out there after all!) so I thought I'd share.

Mac users - either download all the drivers (without extracting them) and extract them on the UP Core, or download them onto a usb stick via a PC like me.