Is installing the Ubuntu kernel for UP and is it mandatory?

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Hi. I am new to Up. I just received my Up board and installed Ubuntu server 16.04. Based on the Up Wiki ( I should now install the Ubuntu kernel for UP from PPA. I am trying to find what exactly is that kernel and if it is mandatory but haven't found any info.

I want to use my up-board as a plain server. No HAT, no wifi, no bluetooth, no GPIO, ... . Just a plain server.

If possible I would prefer to stick to the genuine Ubuntu install. If this has been answered elsewhere thank you to let me know.




  • ccaldeccalde New Member Posts: 348 admin

    Hi @zefoto,

    Please, check some of the features you could get with th costumed kernel for UP board:
    * 4.10.0-9-upboard kernel (UP^2 support: pinctrl, HDMI)
    * mraa/upm PPA repo entries
    * ubilinux/up PPA repo entries
    * mraa/upm packages (mraa-tools mraa-examples libmraa1 libmraa-dev
    libupm-dev libupm1 upm-examples)
    * mraa binding packages (python-mraa python3-mraa node-mraa
    * libssl / libcrypto (libssl1.0.0 libssl-dev)
    * extra build/dev packages (build-essential ipython python-pip
    * ssh packages (packages openssh-client openssh-server)
    * extra platform helper packages (acpica-tools i2c-tools)
    * wifi/bt module firmware (firmware-ampak-ap6214a)
    * extra features: debug serial terminal, extra udev scripts
    * arduino-create-watcher package included (libssl1.0.0 based)

    Then, you must decide if you don't need any feature from UP and you want to continue using the generic kernel.

    Thank you.

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