UART on Windows 10 x64

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I am facing an issue with using UART on Windows 10 x64.

I want to use an Adafruit GPS hat , which was working fine under Windows IoT.

After the installation of Windows and then the drivers provided, I am unable to interface with it.
Depending on the host OS in the BIOS, I can see either
2x UartSub Device (COM1, COM2) in case I chose the OS to be Windows.
4x UartSub Device (COM1, COM2, COM7, COM8) in case I chose the OS to be Windows IoT.

After extensive searching, I have seen different posts, some claiming that they were able to make it work, others that couldn't. Many pointed out to Hi Safe (of which I downloaded 3 or 4 versions, none of which worked) or aaeonframework which also didn't help at all, let alone finding any good documentation, or plain simply dead or outdated links that don't work anymore.

I'm at a loss here. All I'm trying to do is try to use the 40pin header with the hat (or even just the UART pins 8 and 10) and coming up with nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.