Install Preconfigured IoT Grove Ubuntu on Pentium N4200 version

upperRight New Member Posts: 1

Hello People.

Is it possible to productively use the preconfigured IoT Grove Ubuntu Server version on an UpSquared2 Pentium N4200?
Would this bring any benefits over the manual Ubuntu install and then patching the Kernel? (For example easier installation, all libraries ready for productive work etc..) or do they barely differ?
What about Intel Graphics Card driver. I doubt they are installed for the server version altough I surely can install it laterwards can't I?
Does the Preconfigured Ubuntu support all peripherals of the UpSquared?
What does not work? On the internet it says the grove Kit is only available for some other processor. Is this hardware related or due to lack of software support?
In the end it's just about Ubuntu Linux with the newest Upsquared Kernel and some software pre installed isn't it?

Thanks for the answers.