noob problems: no password pls and why cant I edit

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So I got the UPs and installed the ubilinux on it. First time screen was just black, second try it worked.
But now I have a little usability problem - 2.

I only want to run BOINC on the UPs, remotely controlled.
I did this once with a server and Ubuntu command line, so I know the steps for that (except that I am Linux noob).
[strike]1. I cant edit the config file that is intended for you to input the control computer, located in var/lib/boinc-client
If I right click on the file and go properties, it says under rights: everyone can do everything
So why can I only read, but not write?
(on desktop everything works. In the folder of the file I cant create new files and rights of the folder are to "boinc" and "only owner" for changing, which I cant change to everyone, it says no rights.)[/strike]

2. How can I change the start to no login/password entry? (where is the user create/delete menu at all? )
I want the UP to start when you attach it to power and run (with BOINC). I do NOT want to carry my 22' screen through the room every time I have to restart an UP or there was an power outage etc..


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    First install I did without LAN attached, then as in install description I did
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    Now I did a second install with LAN and it looks like a totally different OS:
    Theres a LOT more things isntalled (LibreOffice ) and also an user account manager thingy.

    Lets see where this leads.

    Well... the one where I didnt setup the LAN at install, LAN works fine.
    The one where I did that the LAN does not work.

    I got the remote control using
    sudo leafpad etc/boinc-client/remote_hosts_cfg (/gui_rpc_auth-cfg) to edit the files in terminal

    The LAN thing is still there.