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cmroserocmrosero New Member Posts: 1

Hi guys,

Im looking for a way to quickly run basic hardware tests on the CPU, Memory and HDD and check the USB ports and the LAN ports as well.

I understand these units undergo QA in the factory, but since Ill be deploying a number of these units to the customer, I would like to establish my own QA upon receiving them from the store.

Appreciate if anyone can shed some light on how I can do these.


  • ccaldeccalde Administrator, Moderator, Emutex Posts: 266 admin

    Hi @cmrosero ,

    Here some recommendations for your tests:

    CPU & Memory:

    Connect your SATA disk to SATA data port (CN8) and SATA power port (CN39) and reboot your APL-3 board.
    Device should be mounted and detected automatically.

    sudo dmesg | grep -i usb
    sudo rsync --info=progress2 .zip /media/patch/to/usb/device/

    sudo dmesg | grep eth -A 2 -B 2
    sudo ping -f server-ip
    Iperf test:
    Use sudo apt install iperf3


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