Screen - 1.8TFT SPI 128*160 V1.1

David Hunt
David Hunt New Member Posts: 7
Hi all.
I got a lovely little TFT screen that I'd like to hook up to an UP board, as I'm doing a portable project that requires some graphics to be shown on a screen. It's a 1.8" SPI TFT screen based on the ST7735R chipset.

I already have it working on a Raspberry Pi, and can load images onto it using the 'fbi' utility, but now I want to migrate to the Up Board.

All the kernel modules are there on the Ubuntu distro for UP (with the updated kernel) so nice job there.
I'm loading all the framebuffer core modules successfully, and 'dmesg' shows that it sees a flexfb device on one of the SPI ports.
However at the last step, when attemting to load the flexfb module, I'm getting error -12
modprobe flexfb width=128 height=160 init=..... ( )

Has anyone tried this peripheral?