Confusion about the mSATA 128GB SATA for UpBoard^2 N4200. Where does it go?

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Hi, I've just seen the mSATA 128GB SATA ( on Up-Shop. I was previously reading about adding a small SSD to my UpBoard2 but from what I understood, the M.2 Port doesn't support SSDs. So now I'm a bit confused about the mSATA SSD for the UpBoard2 and where it should go. It looks very much like a M.2, but it's mSATA. Or does it connect to the PCI-Express port? Anybody can shed some light on this?



  • roddines
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    You have to change a setting in the BIOS to turn the mini-PCIe (Default) into an mSATA SSD card port. Note: Both MSATA and PCIE share the same connection pins on mini-PCIe connector.

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    I am working on a custom flexible PCB adapter that will initially allow the SATA port + 5V SATA JST PH connector to support an internal M.2 mSATA 2280 SSD. With some lateral thinking It can only just fit inside the standard cases on its side angled behind the Dual Ethernet, Dual Video and Dual USB ports. I will also do an alternative option later that uses the M.2 Type-E 2230 port with another flexible adapter to also support a PCIe x2 NVMe 2280 SSD card (Note: 2 out of the 4 PCIe lanes on most SSD cards=reduced performance but still around 1Gbps or ~1.5x SATA3), perhaps both together if I can fit them back-to-back. This will increase storage options and allow them in conjunction with WWAN (3G/4G/LTE) card in mini-PCIe at the same time. When done I will share paid access to a production run in here or in the product showcase.