Customize FPGA code.

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Hi all,
Is the FPGA code open-source, and if so, where can I download it? The reason I bought this board was because the FPGA will address a lot of the timing and low level interface problems we have on usual OS-base boards. I do not want to lose all the functionalities currently available, because most of them will be used as is, but I want to customize some of the pins with functionalities that I do not need to my own applications.
A simple example would be a heartbeat timer for our system in some unused FPGA logic connected to an unused pin.
Thanks in advance.



  • AlingAling Posts: 506Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller admin


    FPGA on UP Squared board is not open for program. We use FPGA to emulate 40-pin functionality. There is a risk to burn the board if the FPGA is not written in a right way, So we don't open FPGA to everyone.
    In the next generation, UP AI Plus, the carrier board of UP Core Plus, will have one Cyclon 10 FPGA. For this FPGA, we will open it for programmar. Of course, we are still defining what will be the easiest way for programmer to use it.

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