Up Core corrupted internal storage

Robert Shelton
Robert Shelton New Member Posts: 110

My Core corrupted a couple of days ago. Damaged Windows. I was not able to repair the OS install, as the nature of the damage corrupted the login process. Frankly, this looks like a show stopper with Core because the level of effort required to rebuild a machine that I just recently finished building is painfully high.

Some thoughts...

The lack of working drivers - esp the on-board WiFi and BT - render the Core a modest-power desktop or benchtop rather than a fleet-footed mobile device. While Core runs Win10 / Office respectably, I have to plug in a USB hub for the dongles needed to use Wifi / keyboard / mouse. Continued lack of the carrier boards and lack of USB-C support for power input limit my options with making this a usable mobile device. Being tethered to a hub and power brick isn't mobile. As I have the more powerful Up2, the Core just isn't adding value in the currently-available state - the advantage I'd expected from the smaller size is more than countered by the usability and now hardware-level corruption issues.

Unfortunately, the driver problems on Up2 that prevent that device from using the UPS board sold in Up-shop are also a serious issue. Given it's 6A supply requirement (and also not supporting Power Delivery), the Up2 requires a 6A brick and a wall plug for power. Yes, I can (and do) use battery packs with 120vAC output, but that's movable (with shutdown / restart) not portable. Of course, without a 40-pin, the Core can't run a UPS hat either.

I decided not to buy into Up's AI board because the driver issues with the prior two boards remain un-addressed. No, I don't expect perfection out the door on innovative new hardware, but I do expect that basic capabilities will be delivered with the hardware. And I expect that developer resources will be dedicated to fix problems that arise - like the UPS board driver problems that impact both Windows and evidently to some extent Ubilinux as well.

AAEON team please take these thoughts to heart. Dedicate the resources. Communicate to us what you're doing to address the problems. Don't leave posts about problems unaddressed. Don't leave issues like missing or non-working drivers unattended. Your customers pour in time on using your hardware and communicating on this forum because they believe in your products. As cool as new products like AI really are, we're looking for reciprocal commitment to make existing products work to their promised potential.


  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your feedback. Fully understand you are totally with UP and want us to get better.

    Speaking of UP Core. The advantage of UP Core is the flexibility of carrier board design, small size. We designed 3 carrier boards for users to use ( will be sold at UP shop soon) and we hope users to design a carrier board for their use case. We don't intend to design more carrier board is because users probably know better what they need more than we do.

    Regarding to size, it also limited its interface. If you want to use it as a mini PC. USB3.0 and USB2.0 pin header probably can serve USB, mouse and other device. I agree that the first installation for OS is not so easy while you don't have internet connection.

    In addition to this, we have updated drivers of WiFi and Bluetooth of UP Core. If it still doesn't work, please let me know. :'(

    To make a mobile device with UP Core is possible, but you need to make your own carrier board. If you don't have resource to make carrier board, the best choice is still use UP board and UP Squared, which has 40-pin to use most HATs in the market, so that you can build a mobile device.

    The compatibility of UPS HAT issue is to be solved. This HAT is coming from our supplier, Olmatic, It seems work fine in UP, but not in UP Squared Windows. Olmatic is working on it.

    We are increasing our resources, however, it seems we need to run faster. We want to work closely with our community member and learn feedback from you. You are the power to help us grow UP.

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