[SOLVED] 5 Inch Touchscreen Displays for UpCore

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We're new to UpBoards so are looking for some guidance on what touchscreen displays are available for the UpCore. The size of the touchscreen is important to us and we are looking at models around 5 inches. We'd probably be looking at running Ubilinux, but we could look at other OSs if that were to give us touch screen options.

Any help is appreciated.


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    The OS should not be a critical issue for the selection of display. You only need to check the driver of touch controller if it support Ubuntu. For project base users ( few hundred piece) above, we do have one eDP board available. It supports convert LVDS signal of your LVDS panele to DP signal of UP Core/UP board . However, there will be video BIOS customization required to fit to your LVDS display frequency.
    If your project is more than a few hundred pieces, please write to [email protected].

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    Thanks for the response.

    The eDP board looks to be a potential solution. Could you post the details of the eDP board so we can look into this further?

    Regarding the modification of the BIOS, would the Up BIOS Pre Settings service be able to help with this given details of the LVDS display?

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    Here is block diagram of eDP board. This could give you some idea in specification.

    For the modified BIOS, BIOS pre-setting service could not do. Because we need to get the LCD from you to adjust VBIOS frequency. Sometimes it works straight forward without modification, most of times, VBIOS modification is required.

    The procedure will be:
    1. Write an email to [email protected] to raise the request with clear project quantity per year
    2. UP team will provide a link for you to buy 1pcs of eDP board. If it works straight forward without BIOS modification, then you can skip the step 3-5.
    3. Pay NRE for VBIOS USD1500
    4. Ship your LCD & LVDS cable to the designated address ( the LVDS cable must be made according to the eDP board pin)
    5. UP team will make a custom BIOS for you to reflash

    Since VBIOS requires a lot of engineering resources, we would like to offer it only for projects more than a few hundred pieces.
    Thanks for your support and understanding.

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    Hi @FSLDP2018 ,

    Is that discussion closed? Could we mark it as RESOLVED?

    Thank you!

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    Yes, thanks for the information. All very helpful. We'll be in touch when this issues needs addressing. Thanks.