ipv6 performance?

Darth_Ender New Member Posts: 11

So, these realtek's have a reputation of being garbage when it comes to ipv6 performance. Well, they have a reputation for being garbage in general.

I'm using the rtl8169 (in-kernel) driver. Ipv4 is fine, has been fine in my nuc as well, which uses a similar rtl networking chip. ipv6 performance however, has been very poor. Packet dropping is > 50% for ipv6. None for ipv4. I've not used any module parameters or custom changes to the mtu or anything.

I'm not going to use the rtl8168 closed driver because it's not compatible with the current kernel version.

So it kind of sucks that this company opted for these junk realtek's instead of some quality intel chipsets. For the price of the board, i think the added few bucks a board would have been acceptable to consumers. It's not like it's competing in the 20 dollar raspberry pi market.

Guess i'll just rock ipv4 until someone comes out with another small form factor similar to the Up2 that uses decent nics.

Anyone else running this board under the standard 8169 driver in linux and not having any ipv6 issues with a full internet ipv6 connection?

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