why the up logo doesn't appear when i boot the board????


I bought a up board with visión starter kit but i have issues instaling the software to the board, i make booteable usb with Windows and connect to the up board but nothing happend, the conected monitor never recibe something and the board powers on ok (5V 3A) but nothing happend,i search info hopping find something to tell me how i could charge the operative system but i can´t find nothing.

i follow the instructions for this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIhT61Vlq-M

but it´s the same my up board doesn´t work because when i powered nothingh happend the board don´t do nothing and in the screen nothing appears only power on a blue led on the board and that´s all.
I found the same problem in the fórum but all the links send to a not found pages (404 error), and don´t have a answere.

So if have information about why this problem or better yet how i can fix them would be great.


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