[SOLVED] Mcp251x CAN driver errors.

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I am trying to setup mcp251x on UP2. When I run dmesg | grep mcp , this is what I get:

 [ 3394.625374] device: 'spi1.0': device_add

 [ 3394.625384] bus: 'spi': add device spi1.0

 [ 3394.625460] PM: Adding info for spi:spi1.0

 [ 3394.625478] bus: 'spi': driver_probe_device: matched device spi1.0 with driver mcp251x

 [ 3394.625480] bus: 'spi': really_probe: probing driver mcp251x with device spi1.0

** [ 3394.625487] mcp251x spi1.0: no default pinctrl state**

 [ 3394.625494] devices_kset: Moving spi1.0 to end of list

 [ 3394.655161] mcp251x spi1.0: Cannot initialize MCP2515. Wrong wiring?

 [ 3394.662335] mcp251x spi1.0: Probe failed, err=19

 [ 3394.667521] mcp251x: probe of spi1.0 rejects match -19

What does the error "no default pinctrl state" refer to ?

Any help ??


  • justason
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    I hope, You have resolved your problem,.
    Anyway, check first your devicetree, that all pincontrol are declared and in correct state.
    For instance google "mcp2515 linux devicetree"

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