Admin password changed in UPA1AM33

Michael Wachs
Michael Wachs New Member Posts: 19


I wrote a comment in the announcement "BIOS V3.3 for UP Squared is released":

I've updated the firmware of my UP Squared from 2.1 to 3.3.
The admin password "upassw0rd" ist not valid any more!
What is the new password please?

Is it possible to get an answer to this question?

Thanks in advance,


  • bechir
    bechir New Member Posts: 2

    "upassw0rd" works perfectly fine with UP-APL01 R3.3

  • Michael Wachs
    Michael Wachs New Member Posts: 19

    Sorry that I am only now reporting.

    I seem to have a general problem with the UP community: Last year, I decided to buy an UP2 for a particular mission because I've had enough of the ARM based SBC's: either lacking some features I need or very bad supported by latest Linux (only very old kernels available, which are not compatible with newer systemd/udev and Co.). Since the UP2 seemed to be the solution for all problems. Incorrectly thought: from the beginning I2C and SPI do not work, the WLAN (original Intel module, which is available in the UP Shop) is as slow as a RS232 interface. I use the Ubilinux 4.0 with the original kernel 4.9.59+. When booting, SPI is displayed correctly, but I2C reports an error. Because the technical data (schematics and board design) are top secret, I had to work in the dark. I examined the signals on the connector CN20 with an oscilloscope: they are very dead, "more dead" than the life on the moon. I had reported these problems in the forum, but got no help/support, as I remember no answers at all, NOTHING!

    Meanwhile the UP2 advanced for me to a naked (without housing) and bad Intel NUC5PPYH, the Intel NUC costs even less than the UP2!

    I already buried/forgotten my primary goals with the UP2 and use it as a simple PC under linux.

    Some weeks ago I updated the firmware to the version 3.3 and wanted to get access to the parts of the firmware that require the admin password. In the previous firmware I have emptied this password. I entered "upassw0rd" (with digit "0") at least 20 times, but without any success.
    Now I get to hear again: It has to work. And again, no real help.

    I'm beginning to seriously wonder if I'm dealing with professionals who can and/or wants to help, or with idiots? Maybe I'm the idiot because I decided to buy and use an UP2?

  • adrianf
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    Agreed this is a bit of a joke

  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    Hi Michael,

    I am sorry to read about your bad experience with one of our products and for the delayed reply.

    Starting from the beginning, it seems that other users, like bechir, are able to use that password to enter the BIOS in admin mode. We will double check again for you. In the meantime, could you try to reset the BIOS to default unplugging and replugging the CMOS battery while the board is completely disconnected from power?

    About the Linux support, I can confirm that both SPI I2C works perfectly fine with ubilinux, Ubuntu with our provided kernel or Yocto for UP. You can use the instructions provided in the wiki to verify:

    If it doesn't please fill an RMA on the UP Shop to get a working board

    About the WiFi, we haven't experienced performance issues with the Intel module but you can use any M.2 module that is compatible with Linux if you want.
    Please make sure you connect the antennas provided and check that the connection with the WiFi AP is adequate.

    This project like, many other boards in the market, is not open hardware, so schematics are not provided as they are part of the IP of our company.

    Also for the pricing, Could you provide more information on what NUC you are considering compared to the UP Squared?
    Usually any NUC comes without RAM and eMMC, which are a big cost to add to the whole system, while an enclosure could be just 10-15$

  • johnny_floyd
    johnny_floyd New Member Posts: 1

    Ok, I had this problem today, and now I just realised it is because BIOS is default QWERTY config and my keyboard is AZERTY....

    Hope to have helped you.