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My display port is no signal (UP Squared)


I used a DP to HDMI tool to send the signo to TV . The end is No signo .But the HDMI is ok . My bios is 3.3V .


  • ZhuangJW
    ZhuangJW New Member Posts: 3

    Who can gei me some idea ?

  • RaRaBeaR
    RaRaBeaR New Member Posts: 6

    Got information from AEEON tech support: "It's not DP++ port, therefore you cannot use DP to HDMI cable/adapter. Instead, you need to get a monitor with DP port."

    I've bought and tried one DP to HDMI cable and one DP to HDMI adapter but just in vain before speaking to AEEON tech support. My final solution is to buy and use monitor with DP port...

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