USB otg endpoints

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How many usb endpoints when usb works on device mode?


  • Ronald Brown
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    in device mode, like your phone, or any other USB device, only works with one host at a time. OTG switches modes, based upon the cable plugged in. I havnt tested it in host mode yet, as the project I am working on currently relies heavily on device mode, so I have been patching the usb_f modules that need patched for my project(Trying to 1-1 emulate a bash bunny), which requires that I can adjust the reported bitrate way past the maximum, so it gets the highest metric. There are binary patches, that are not dynamic, which means that once you apply them, you are set with the bitrate the person who patched them thought you should have, not what you want to set. I have a working patch, but for compatibilty with BB Scripts, I have to change the math a bit, so the bash bunny custom speed number match, from my patch to their patch. Basically if I use a script for the BB, and it sets a value like 47000(2.0Gbps) and mine wont accept values past 3512(3.5Gbps)..... See the issue...... The fun of creating your own stuff. lol. Just the gadget stuff alone has been a learning experience...... There are a lot of caveats, like you have to load the rndis module, and set up, and add rndis to c.1 before any other devices are added, or windows wont be able to start the rndis, and everything else will work. I could go on, but i think you get the idea. When it is all said and done, I will have a nice set of patches, and a whole bash based framework for working with gadget device, so you can have a multi function/mult config device set up in like 4 lines in a script, and know that it will work 100% every time no matter what OS you plug it in to.

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    Hi @losofu ,

    Is that discussion finished? We could set it as SOLVED.


  • Gamvon
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    Hello respected all,
    can we set ,UP square board in USB device mode using LInux also i want other ports are in host mode,
    I want to send data ,which i will get from any USB host port and using USB device port i will send it to any connected UBUNTU PC server.

    if you have got any idea or fundamental , Could you please guide me ?

  • ccalde
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    Hi @Gamvon ,

    Please, check the UP2 wiki information about USB:

    USB mode must be defined from the BIOS menu, as the wiki says.

    About the communication with other machines (your Ubuntu PC server), you could use the USB OTG.