Problems when using remote desktop to UPboard that has NO display connected

MrMe New Member Posts: 1

Hello. I'm having some problems with my up boards. I have some up boards installed on remote locations with Windows 10 installed on them and I'm using Teamviewer to access them and do some configurations and running some programs. The thing is, those up boards don't have any display connected (either through eDP or HDMI), so, some applications, when run, don't display any window (I the other up boards that I have, with the 7" display attached to them, I don't have this problem).
Also, when the up board has no display connected, and I try to play a video (MP4) using VLC, nothing is displayed, but if I connect a monitor through HDMI to those same boards, the video starts to be visible.

Any recommendation would be very helpful. I know that the up boards are not defective, because once I attach a 7" display to them, or connect an HDMI monitor, they work fine, but when there is no display connected, some apps don't show their window on the desktop, and videos are blank!