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my up-board is currently running an older bios version UPC1BM0X. I downloaded UPC1DM07. In that archive there is an instruction in the file History.txt (in section UPC1DM04) saying an update to UPC1DM03 is necessary for systems older than UPC1DM02.
What are the neessary steps for me to upgrade from UPC1BM0X to UPC1DM07 and where can I find those Bios-versions?
Thank you for help!


  • TilTil Posts: 19New Member

    I was in the same situation, went all in and installed UPC1DM07 over UPC1BM0X following the instructions on the download page without serious problems.

    The only thing I should mention, is that I run vanilla Debian on my upboard and after the update I had to boot from a USB stick to run "grub-install" once again, in order to make the Upboard aware of the installed OS again.

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