ubilinux 4 Blank screen after selecting install option

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I have a new up squared 2 with 2GB RAM and 32 GB EMMC
I upgraded with success my bios to R3.3 (UPA1AM33) (01/17/2018).
I create my pen image using either dd on my MAC or Etcher with the same result.
The image file I download is ubilinux-installer-4.0.iso

After selecting either ubilinux installer UEFI CD or ubilinux installer UEFI CD (interactive) the monitor becomes blank. Than after some seconds is loses the signal from the UP2.

The keyboard seems to be OK - the num lock key switches the led on/off with no problem

I need some help.

Vitor Graveto


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    Try a plain old latest debian install image and see if you have the same issue with the monitor blanking out on you. Depending on what you plan on doing with the up2, you may not need anything from the ubilinux version of linux - it seems much of what was needed in regards to non-vanilla kernel support had to do with supporting the regular Up board.

    In any case, try the basic Debian install disk, see if it blanks on you. If it does, then it can easily be an issue with your hdmi cable. HDMI cables are mostly made in china and as such, have absolutely no quality control and so sometimes you get cables that just aren't up to spec. I have had a number of cables that are fine in some devices and and not usable in others, and the monitor you're using can even impact that behavior.

    edit: and if it doesn't blank on you, and you still want to or need to use ubilinux, you'll have to pursue cust support with that. But at least you'll know it's not a hardware problem.

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    Hi @vgraveto ,

    Is that discussion closed? Did you get a solution for the installation issue?


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