How to use i2c on Up board and Ubilinux 4 ?

rich_mon New Member Posts: 2

Hello there,
I'm confused using my Up board and an i2c Grove LCD screen. I was able to use it with a previous Intel Galileo board (Arduino compatible running under Yocto Poky). Now I want to use it with my Up board but it doesn't seem to work. And I don't find any solution.
When I connect the screen, the screen is supplied and I check that I'm using correct pins : 2 for VCC, 6 for Ground, 3 for SDA and 5 for SCL.

I know my code works because it worked on my Intel Galileo. Now that I want to use it on Up board, I need LCD_I2C_ADDRESS and RGB_I2C_ADDRESS.

I did some search on internet but nothing helped me, except the command "i2cdetect 0". So I tried this command and I show you what I got:

It's the same by replacing 0 by 1. Does anyone else encountered this ? Any solution ?
Thank you.


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