Realsense D415 and UP board compatibility issue, USB ports

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I am using the UP board 4GB ram/ 32GB storage, part # RE-UP-CHT01-A12-0432.

Previously I used it with the Realsense R200, as part of the realsense developer kit, found here:

I have acquired some of the new Realsense cameras, the D415, and am trying to integrate it with the UP board and my computer vision software. I can't use the cable supplied with the D415, because it is USB type C to type A, and the type A ports on the UP board are USB 2.0, not 3.0 as the D415 requires.

I have also tried this cable:

I can get the UP board to recognize the D415 using this cable, but it is listed as a USB 2.0 device, even though it is plugged into the USB 3.0 Micro B port.

If anyone could please assist me on what could be the issue I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!



  • maria_n
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    Although the discussion is old, for those having this problem the solution is using an adapter:
    OTG USB 3.0 cable - USB 3.0 (f) to Micro-B USB 3.0 (m).
    Then connect cable USB 3.0 Type A (m) to USB 3.0 Type C (m) and plug it into the camera port.