Issue connecting our UP2 Board from

lookoutinst New Member Posts: 1

We are having an issue connecting to our UP2 Board from while trying to install the Arduino Connector on your UP2 Board. We are trying to get started using the Grove Pi board.

The site keeps saying Something went wrong.

I think there is an issue with the micro USB port on the UP2 board. We have tried multiple cables and now 2 different computers. Upon connecting the board neither Windows computer detects the device in the device manager.

I couldn’t find any technical support related to not detecting your board in the device manager.

We appreciate any assistance with this issue?

We are a manufacturing company currently testing microcontrollers for us in a product we are prototyping.

I appreciate all your assistance in advance.



  • intel_stewart
    intel_stewart New Member Posts: 2

    This is indeed a common problem. The easiest fix is to ignore the USB connection and instead choose a "generic intel board". Ensure you have the board and your laptop on the same local network, and the installer will ask for your boards IP address.
    The agents will then be loaded through the network instead of the USB cable.

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