Edimax N150 EW-7611ULB

TooBarFoo New Member Posts: 11

I though it may be worth bringing this tiny USB combined WiFi and BT adapter up. For those with the Org Up and who like me space and power use are important this is a great solution. It is as tiny as a adapter gets and only uses one USB for both WiFi and BT. Its drivers have been open sourced and build perfect with the the latest up board Kernel. ( search Ubuntu N150 and head to the the github, not edimax site) It has the full 4.0 bluetooth functional stack and best of all a box of them cost under £6 each. Even singles are under £9 a unit. I am sure there are many other suitable devices but for those outside the US who do not have cost effective access to the official modulus this is a good call.

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