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Should I switch boards before I'm in to deep?

TooBarFooTooBarFoo Posts: 10New Member

I know there is a banner saying migration in progress but this has been the case for a number of months and boards like the UP without community support are next to worthless. I have yet to find a link THAT appears to be from a Up source pointing to the latest BIOS that works (link not BIOS) ! It leaves me wondering whether we are better off binning the up boards we have before we start and looking for a better supported development kit. What are thoughts of other users, do you wish you had taken a different route or are you getting to most out of your boards?


  • TooBarFooTooBarFoo Posts: 10New Member

    I though I would update this with a little more validation in case this was viewed negatively by those considering one of the Up range. Having spent a few days putting the Up though its paces I have steadily become happier and more confident in this small but mighty board. The up-board kernel seems rock solid, good work Emutex! I still want to look closer at what the CDLP can offer to enhance the GPIO functions but if I could get i2s support into the up-board kernel I would be a very happy tinkerer! If I make any headway on the i2s issue I will open a thread and share, any others out there looking for improved audio function want to join in this endeavor?

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