BIOS upgrade, UP Board will not boot

Nathan Kunicki
Nathan Kunicki New Member Posts: 1


I've just started messing around with my old UP Boards which I got from the Kickstarter. They are the 4GB RAM/64GB eMMC model.

I upgraded the BIOS on all three. Two of them succeeded, and I was able to install Ubuntu fine.

One of them, no longer boots. There is no HDMI output, no BIOS, no response to keyboard key presses (Esc/F7/Del/etc)

Here is what I did:

  1. Inserted USB with BIOS.
  2. Went to shell.
  3. Ran go_64.nsc.
  4. Everything succeded fine and it dropped me back to the shell.
  5. I ran reset in order to reboot the board.

At this point the screen went black, and I can no longer do anything else with it.

This is the BIOS I used:



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