Why S.USV UPS does not charge its 300 mAh LiPo battery?

Jade87 New Member Posts: 3

After installing the UPS (EP-UPSUSVUPSHAT) on UP BOARD SQUARED as described in the manual, at power up the UPS LEDs are in the following state:


From the state of the LEDs it seems that UPS does not detect the battery,
in fact if I remove power from the UP Board, it switches off instantly.

I checked the voltage of the 300 mA LiPo battery and it's 3V.

In the photo I show the status of the LEDs

What could be the problem?

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  • Jade87
    Jade87 New Member Posts: 3

    I'm afraid the UPS module is damaged.
    The voltage of the battery not connected to the UPS is 3V, when the battery is connected to the UPS the voltage is 0V.
    So it is as if the UPS is in short circuit.