Availability of Android BSP for Up Squared.

vishwanathkrvishwanathkr Posts: 2New Member
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Any updates to the Android availability for the UP Squared? Is it possible to have an approximate time as to when we can see it?



  • Troy LinTroy Lin Posts: 29Administrator, AAEON admin

    Hi Vishwanathkr,

    The Android 6.0 for UP2 board is almost ready for release. It is in the last Beta testing stage. Schedule to release by Feb or last March


  • AngusAngus Posts: 3New Member

    eDP display not working on Android OS. 7" RockTouch panel box highlight the panel is Android compatible.

  • a8ksh4a8ksh4 Posts: 1New Member

    Any updates on this Android support? Is anyone working to port Lineage OS to UP2? These look like amazing powerful boards!

  • DCleriDCleri Posts: 548Administrator, AAEON admin

    Please check out the download for Android 7.1 for UP Squared (including release notes).


  • aaronjinaaronjin Posts: 2New Member, Moderator mod

    How to install Android to eMMC from the image above? There is an user guide in the download package but didn't mention installation.

    Any information is appreciated. Thank you!

  • YiyuXuYiyuXu Posts: 5New Member, Administrator, Moderator, AAEON admin
    edited November 5

    Hi, the installation guide is already uploaded, please kindly check it

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