Availability of Android BSP for Up Squared.

vishwanathkrvishwanathkr New Member Posts: 2
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Any updates to the Android availability for the UP Squared? Is it possible to have an approximate time as to when we can see it?



  • Troy LinTroy Lin Administrator, AAEON Posts: 31 admin

    Hi Vishwanathkr,

    The Android 6.0 for UP2 board is almost ready for release. It is in the last Beta testing stage. Schedule to release by Feb or last March


  • AngusAngus New Member Posts: 3

    eDP display not working on Android OS. 7" RockTouch panel box highlight the panel is Android compatible.

  • a8ksh4a8ksh4 New Member Posts: 1

    Any updates on this Android support? Is anyone working to port Lineage OS to UP2? These look like amazing powerful boards!

  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 592 admin

    Please check out the download for Android 7.1 for UP Squared (including release notes).


  • aaronjinaaronjin New Member, Moderator Posts: 3 mod

    How to install Android to eMMC from the image above? There is an user guide in the download package but didn't mention installation.

    Any information is appreciated. Thank you!


  • YiyuXuYiyuXu New Member, Administrator, Moderator, AAEON Posts: 5 admin
    edited November 2018

    Hi, the installation guide is already uploaded, please kindly check it

  • lechaulechau New Member Posts: 2

    Hi, are the source code and build instructions for this image available anywhere? Or if not, are they planned to be published any soon? Thanks.

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