Need to set DMI/SMBIOS fields

daleg New Member Posts: 1

Hello, I have a bunch of UPboard^2's for a large project and would like to fill in the Asset Tag and Serial Number members of the system and chassis SMBIOS tables on each board. I'm not aware of a public linux-based tool for doing this. Is there one, and if not, could one be made available? I'll take a version of BIOS which would allow that info to be supplied there, but I would much prefer to be able to program it from the OS.


  • Troy Lin
    Troy Lin Guest Posts: 33 ✭✭

    Hi Daleg,

    The UP series BIOS is developed base from AMI code base, there are tools to write SMBIOS under UEFI/Windows/Linux separately. However, these tools are not free and does not come cheap from AMI. We unfortunately is not allowed to distribute these AMI tools publicly. Please drop an email to the info@UP and we can discuss further on your project requirement.

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