PWM example from AAeon SDK fails to set PWM

Martin MayrMartin Mayr New Member Posts: 54

When using the SDK from AAEON and trying the PWM.exe from the release directory I allways get Failed to set PWM message whatever PWM I use and whatever PWM values I want to set ...
In my BIOS the HAT Configuration is as follows:
LPSS HSUART #2 Support Disabled
SPI#1 Disabled
SPI#3 Disabled
I2C #1,2,6,7 all disabled
GPIO / PWM0 Selcetion [PWM0]
GPIO /PWM1 Selcetion [PWM1]
GPIO /PWM3 Selcetion [PWM3]
GPIO /I2S5 Selection [GPIO]
HD-Audio [Disabled]
GPIO / I2S2 Selection [GPIO]
GPIO / Speaker [GPIO]

all GPIO s are defined as Output and all with Low in the BIOS

except :

GPIO 19 (Pin16) PWM3

GPIO25 (Pin32) PWM0
GPIO13 (Pin33) PWM1

....ExHAT Pins all to Input defined ...

So I expected with this configuration to be able to set a frequency to the PWM port ... but the PWM.exe allways says :

Set PWM Failed

Unfortunately sometimes the whole UP2 freezes with this message ... Only way to liberate it is by power off / power on ... !?


  • Martin MayrMartin Mayr New Member Posts: 54

    Again I reply to my own question with a partial answer and I reformule my question:
    When setting the BIOS to Intel Linux the PWM doesn't fail anymore - why do I need to set to Intel Linux while being in Windows 10 ?????

  • Martin MayrMartin Mayr New Member Posts: 54

    Any information about base Unit Value and Duty Cycle value of the PWM ? ms frequency Hz kHz us ?????

  • Martin MayrMartin Mayr New Member Posts: 54

    Ok some scope measurements give the following results on PWM0 measurements:

    Base Duty freq High time Low time Periode
    1 7F 75kHz 6.7us 6.7us 13.4us
    A 7F 757 kHz 640ns 640ns 1.32us
    A 3D 757 kHz 980ns 140ns 1.32us
    7F 7F 9.5 MHz 20-25ns 20-25ns 109ns
    0 3D 0 0 infini Infini

    When trying the same on PWM1 (even with Intel Linux in the BIOS) the Message Set PWM failed reappears !

    I think these are some BIOS problems or driver problems or problems within the sample software you should debug at AAEON ?!

    Best regards


  • rhulme77rhulme77 New Member Posts: 9

    Did you get a response on this? or are you still waiting?

  • Martin MayrMartin Mayr New Member Posts: 54

    no response yet

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